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You may identify the handle of a Case knife by referring to the type of material used to make its handle. 8am-5pm Saturday. There is also a way to identify an authentic Case knife. There are many other producers of Case knives in Japan, England, and Germany as well. William Russell (W.R.) and the Case Brothers (Jean, John, and Andrew) started selling their handcrafted knives in New York. Beginning the the early part of the last century, Case knives were the yardstick all other cutlery was measured. This one is a Case XX made between 1940 and 1964. $3.25. So, there you have it, the best and most valuable case knives that you can purchase at present and all the pertinent detail that you might need to know. The U.S. Army est. The exclusive model was released as the commemorative piece on the 80th anniversary of Case Cutlery. Where the hell is the RSS XLM file or feed? More importantly, this piece of art costs a whopping $12,500. Red pick bone handles with nickel silver bolsters and inlay shield. Featuring 153 emeralds and nine diamonds, as well as a jade handle embellished with gold filigree, this knife will have you in doubt until you behold it. Furthermore, the sheath is hand-painted and looks amazing. CASE XX marking specific to 1940-1964 can be witnessed on one of the four blades of this 5488 long congress knife. Youll witness a tang stamp specific to 1920-1940 marked on the base of one blade and the model number 5387 marked on the other. Finally, learn how to value the product if you decide to sell an old Case knife. Browse American Edge's catalog of antique, vintage and collectable pocket knives, folding knives, fixed blade knives, butterfly knives, and balisongs. Case Knives have been the most collected and appreciated traditional knife since the early 1900s. Black Panther Knife 6. The handle comes with CASE engraving, and the base of one of the blades says CASE TESTED XX, meaning quality assured! The blade is constructed of Damascus steel, and the handle has a sculpture of a panther head on walnut wood. These knives are so expensive due to their rarity, design, cutting-edge technology, and usefulness. This is one knife that surely speaks to the hunter in you. Designed by William Henry, the blade of this knife is made of Boomerang Damascus steel, which has a lace pattern that lends it its name. Details. To this day it is in my case knife collection I gave to my son. Real hands work with each knife to ensure a quality product. A new attempt was made in the early 1990s to bring the Case XX brand back to a high-quality but affordable value. According to Steven Paul Barlow from Knives Illustrated, the term traditional in the knife world usually denotes folding knives with slip-joint, non-locking blades. The used one is in my truck for cleaning fingernails and other general needs. Ten years and $2.1 million later, the piece of art sold at auction for an incredible sum. The handle is a genuine stag, and this particular piece has no significant cracks or damage on it. 1775 case knife model features plastic handles. )Continue, Your email address will not be published. Also, a lot has been put into its design, including precious stones and mother-of-pearl, bone and buffalo horn, etc., which are just a few of the materials used to make the handles. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you're looking to add to your collection or simply want to start one, make it happen with Smoky Mountain Knife Works. Notably, it has patterns similar to a Hawksbill and a bone handle as well as a metal bolster. Case knives are most famous for their collectability. As usual, the blade is made from CPM-S35VN steel with a drop point design. Wed love to interact with a fellow knife fanatic. The 052 pattern goes back to the early years of Case and is the Medium or Small Congress. Well, it can be attributed to the 640 layers of Damascus steel that it comprises and a highly acute cutting edge made from incredibly fine carbon steel. Vintage Case pocket knives are far and away the most collected traditional pocket knife. There are a wide variety of highly collected patterns (Congress, Stockman, etc.) These case knives are highly-priced because of their rarity and the materials used in making them. First of all, you need to identify your knife. The seller mentions that the pocketknife is at least 81 years antique. The knife, which retails for over $40,000, comes packaged in a lovely piano box with a diamond ring, making it a perfect gift for both him and her. Limited edition. Details. The knife aficionado knows theres an artifact that soldiers carried in the trenches of World War and through every skirmish since. However, archaeologists dont believe it was the first folding knife. A lot of care goes into crafting each knife that comes out of the factory. Happy collecting! So heres our Buck 110 review. $199.99 eBay VERY SCARCE CASE XX 6296X USA STAMP CITRUS TESTER KNIFE $700.00 eBay Large Case XX Knife $272.76 eBay Secondly, the materials used for their production cost a hefty sum, and the adorning items also hike up the price considerably. The platinum collar set that decorates it also contains 25 impeccably cut diamonds. Only 1000 of these special knives were produced, and this commemorative model is more scarce today than ever. Knives, Swords & Blades Collectible Folding Knives Vintage Folding Knives Collectible Vintage Folding Knives Shop by Brand See All Case Camillus Schrade Imperial KA-BAR Buck Colonial Browning PUMA Kissing Crane Victorinox John Primble Shop by Number of Blades See All 1 2 3 4 More than 4 All Auction Buy It Now 34,189 Results Brand Number of Blades It has Silver nickel bolsters, pins and liner. Your everyday kitchen knives may cost just a few bucks; however, in this review, well look at the ones that have become highly-priced. Nows a great time to get started or add to your collection. This is an excellent camping and everything outdoorsy knife. There are different types of case knives, and theyre used for anything like hunting, camping, and in the kitchen. based on 5100 reviews 5, 2175 Leveridge Rd If there is one thing all people, regardless of gender or opinion, agree on is that diamonds are pretty expensive. Described as a timeless keepsake to be proudly worn and utilized for a lifetime before handing it down to another generation, its the hallmark of William Henrys most exclusive designs., William Henry, Mike Norris, and Mark Hoescht worked together to create this incredible knife, which they describe as having an immersive and delicate balance between usefulness, elegance, and superb creativity.. This is another superb Case Knife and is another piece of Japanese superior craftsmanship. Its the reason why many collectors have their eyes on these knives. Your home for the finest quality knives made today. Its history stretches all the way back to 1898, when the Case brothers sold handmade knives along a wagon trail in New York. Paid members receive a quarterly magazine and a host of exclusive benefits including event reminders, access to our online forum, and limited production knife offerings. That being said, you might be able to find a good condition preowned and used vintage Case XX 6394 knife for around $1,200 to $1,800. This folding pocketknife has a clip point, drop point, and sheepsfoot blade. No box. Case Knives (Vintage) XX 4100SS White Composite Melon Tester.. Case Knives (Vintage) 64052 Case XX USA, Transition 1978/1979 Medium Congress. Collecting, Read More Most Valuable 1963 5 Dollar Bill Value Chart (Raest Worth $13,200)Continue, Norman Rockwell paintings are an iconic and instantly recognizable element of modern American history. This folding hunter knife comes in a shadow box display case. (Dont try this. The boomerang design might be off-putting for some, but we cant get enough of it, to be honest. Moreover, the blade edges are plain. 7:00am-5:00pm, 10am-7pm Tuesday - Friday Case knives typically come with a two-digit factory pattern, although later versions feature three-digit factory patterns, which are more commonly seen. Ask the experts! Just leave your email and you might be the winner. The handle is also very durable, seeing as it has been crafted from walnut. Case Knives are usually produced in the USA by Case, and they strive to maintain a standard of excellence and quality. The answer is this phenomenal knife. $99.95. Vintage and older Case Knives can be found in this section. This specific model is engraved 4100 on the other side of the blade. Despite years of use, the knife maintains its quality. Look at the identification numbers and determine what the handle material is and when the company produced that specific knife. One of the findings made by archaeologists was the Hallstatt Knife. (44) $444.00 FREE shipping Case pocket knife Vintageknivesandmore (17) $75.00 FREE shipping Case XX Bowie Knife/NOS Case Knife in Box/Davey Crockett/Survival Knife and Scabbard/Cabin Decor/Hunting Knife/Rustic Home/Knife Collectible ReFabulousbyWendy (167) $595.00 FREE shipping More colors Leather Knife Sheath for 4" Trapper 2b Rkleatherworks This excellent knife arrives beautifully packed in an eloquent wooden box with a leather carrying case. They were asking $150 for it. Look below to find out what number/letters represent each material. Inventory is not guaranteed and is limited to stock onhand. Old knives can be traced down to 9,000 years back, and the oldest of the pocket knives is the Chachapoyan knife. So, it is understandable that this excellent knife studded with diamonds and created by prominent jewelers Hoffman Pieper and Quintin Nel is expensive and one of a kind. According to the seller, it has been used and sharpened multiple times. To my surprise they had a brand-new Sidewinder in the box, never used, it was/is in mint condition. Some of the blades gold and silver sections include needle carvings for added intrigue. The knife has two blades, and the handle is composed of Winterbottom bone. Shop Case Knives We make great knives for people who need to get the job done. Their durability is unmatched, and that is why they are passed down from father to son through many generations. Morakniv makes extremely strong yet very affordable blades making an excellent first bushcraft knife to own. Made in the U. Its in its comfort zone. Clip and Spey blades. Canton, MI 48187 Over the years the 83 has been Case's most popular whittler, with the 08 second. Case has marked its knives since the beginning, so you can identify your folders time period. Also, it just looks cool. Case XX (W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co.) (1) Cattaraugus Cutlery Co. (1) Crown Cutlery (1) Empire . By the end of this article, you will certainly have a better grasp of what Case Knives are and which ones are more covetable. A showcase of the different types of natural and synthetic handle materials used to create Case knives, including bone, Delrin, metal, pearl and imitation pearl, stag, and wood A new section of 12 Case modern knife patterns, including the Mid-Folding Hunter and Sway Back, as well as some collaborations with famed knifemaker Tony Bose Because of the innovative use of materials, historical relevance or simply because everyone should own the knife. Generally speaking, Case pocket knives feature two to four blades. Case Ca135 Knives Folder Knife Barehead Slimline Trapper Brown Delrin 61048ss. Case Cutlery established the collectible pocket knife market in the 1970's. Thus market has grown and expanded beyond anyone's imagination; but Case Knives are still at the center. The blade is more than 5 inches long with a plain edge. FIRST STEPS ON THE MOON JULY 20, 1969 is marked on the replicas of the knife that was taken to the Moon on the Apollo 11 manufactured by the Case company in 1989. After all, its been an American pastime for generations. Only one of these 1994 antique knife pieces is available on Etsy as of March 2022. The 5-star rated Etsy seller, CrystalsTreasures, has mentioned that the knife is in near-mint condition. Its what it does best.. Your call, knife nerd friends! This item is for sale on eBay for $3,500. Donald Trump Head of State Bowie Knife. Tactical Pocket Steel Pocket Knife Multi-tool Fork Spoon Survival Folding Tool. Hence, its not surprising that their value has appreciated significantly, especially the case knife variety. This flipper folder has a sturdy aluminum handle with a texturized G-10 inlay that makes the piece user-friendly, easy to grip, and a pleasure to carry. We have limited editions and antique knives from brands like Case, Remington, Buck, Boker, and Schrade. Case has changed hands several times in the last three decades and has had ups and downs, not only in finances, but in quality. This model features three blades and is 3 inches long when closed. Crafted by Case artisans as early as the 1940s, the Small Swell Center Jack was a common companion for the workers on the factory floor or out on the farm. Case Cutlery John Wayne Signature Red Stag Medium Stockman. Another valuable Case knife is a Case XX 8308 Whittler knife, a three-bladed plain-edged model with a white shell handle. But, if you are looking for something more quaint and unique, then there are many online shops and knife enthusiasts that you can access. In short, it indicates its rarity. Even though it looks like a hunting knife, the ornate details on this beauty elevate it to the status of a decorative object. You can determine the year a case knife was made by examining the handles silver metal trademark. Nesmuk Jahrhundert Messer 1. Vinyl Records Value: Your Old Value Records Worth a Fortune, Vintage Stiffel Lamps: Value and Price Guide, Vintage Smith Corona Typewriter: History, Models, and Value, Vintage Schwinn Bikes: [Types, Identification, and Values], Vintage Rooster Cookie Jar Identification and Value Guide. This is a fairly large collection of over 140 Lots. This knife has been made from several exotic materials and is a blend of fine craftsmanship and elegance. What could possibly capture the freedom of Walt Whitman wandering in the wilderness or the joy of discovering an arrowhead buried on the bank of a river? Case Collectible Knife, Sword & Blade Sheaths, Pilot Survival Knife, Custom & Handmade Bowie Knifes, German Trench Knife, Girl Scout . Knife collectors and experts alike are continuously impressed by these knives and continue to add them to their collections. Most patterns have extremely high cuts and jagged lines. Case tang stamps make their knives particularly collectible. The knife looks very much like the ones made today. MINT. Ever wonder how the Delica has influenced Spyderco over the years? Due to economic reasons, Case pocket knives were produced in huge quantities from 1980 to 1987. NR. . In other words, youre not only collecting for yourself but youre also collecting for your posterity. Thanks, I have the whole set of Texas star case knives with green handles and wondering how much the whole set is worth, I have a stag tested peanut that has a long pull on the blade,not mint but in very good condition. Does the 79 mean it was made in 1979? In the Pocket Knife Traders Price Guide, this model is valued at $5,500. However, if you prefer eye-catching blue or a sleek black look, you wont be disappointed with the other available styles. The 1st one I bought from a friend in the mid to late 80s for $60.00. These numbers will refer to the handle material, number of blades and factory pattern. The convex front curved handle of this congress knife is made up of original stag, and the handle looks still in pristine condition in the photos. 2023 VIP Art Fair Collectibles - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP. Lets look at a few reasons why people collect valuable case knives. We are also very interested in purchasing dotted Case knives from the 1970's era. The box describes the actions as the greatest military operation the world has ever known. Case Ertl Truck Limited Collectable Series is a currently available selection of Case Ertl Trucks that are limited in production. Giving your knife a specific value can be a bit tricky. With only 175 of this limited edition U.S. Army Case knife being manufactured, this knife rightfully comes with an around $500 price tag. $99.95. It takes more than 150 steps to make a single Case knife. "Deadwood Knives, I ordered three Case folding knives from your company for Christmas gifts. Buy Case XX Knives online including limited editions at Case Knife Outlet - Pocketknives, hunting knives, collector and Commemorative knives, Kitchen Cutlery, gift sets and accessories. So, if you are looking for the best case knives of all time, then you are certainly in the right place. You can also find out if the knife is authentic by checking for the special marking that notes the date of the knife. Or how Spyderco has influenced pocket knives in general? Another feature that may be on your knife is a bronze-coloured logo that says that the product is a genuine Case knife collectable.

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