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yoruba prayers for protection

It is Elegua who enforces the Divine, you reward us with kindness for each sacrifice. Dide, fun mi ni orin tuntun ni dun yii, ni oruk Jesu. While this prayer is recited to Elegua, the honey should be poured over the Orisha. Angeli ibukun mi, Angeli ire mi, Angeli idande mi, han laye mi, ni oruko Jesu. (Fi owo sii, ebi, ise tabi ohunkohun ti o ba fe) Awon angeli Onipo-pupo, dide, be owo mi wo, ni oruko Jesu. Elegua does justice with each of our sacrifices. Protect me from walking on dark paths full of setbacks and osogbos, rather, push me along the paths of good, those that forge my good character and lead me to fulfill my destiny successfully. Moriw laso gn Alr. So be it, Ash . We also participate in affiliate program. The storage or technical access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. We will use his sword to touch the earth. Ogun my father, the owner of good fortune, owner of many houses in the kingdom of the ancestors, bless me with happiness and fortune in my life. I acclaim the spirit of iron, chief of Onr. The owner of power, today and always we thank him. Yoruba declare: E je ka see, m won ti i see, K' 0 le baa d, BI se e rl. Prayer to EleguaI invoke the guardian spirit of the roads, Elegua. She takes both me and her by my hand. But, Oguns greatest ability is that he is an Orisha who never stops working, this and all his attributes are more than enough reasons to raise a prayer on his behalf and ask for his beneficial intervention in the matters that correspond to him, and so get your help. Don Moen; Dunsin Oyekan; Hillsong; Nathaniel Bassey; Sinach Omemma; Hymes Now, I present you with the opportunity to REQUEST A RITUAL directly on this website. How to ask Yemay for money? Ash . Then we proceed to smoke a tobacco that is. Yemay, you are immense, powerful goddess who rules the seas Guide us, your children and all other people, you who protect those most in need and those who need your help. Jerry Seinfeld, David Lynch and Howard Stern are just a few names that pop to mind. Traduccin:Eshu, Eshu Elegua, the Divine messenger speaks with power. He kills in the house and he kills on the farm. ggn Onr onl ow oln ol, O lomi sile fj we. Accompany me all along the paths of life, do not abandon me. 7 Powerful Quotes on Alternatives to Punishment Culture, Healing Recipe for Restoration & Recentering, What We Learned From the Social Media Limpia, Hispanic Heritage Month is Complicated: Our Take & Focus On Resilience and Organizing, Mijentes Social Media Limpia: Taking Time to Refocus and Renew, Building our Resilience in the Face of Deportation Threats. It is who gives support to the orphans. As we have mentioned before, Oggun is the divinity of metals in the Yoruba religion, it enjoys great strength and spiritual relevance, in fact, it is believed that it is the oldest of the deities created by Oloddumare (God). I, I pose before your presence asking you to put in my path a person with whom to share my life. To the Lord of All Paths, illustrious warrior, immortal prince, I offer this humble prayer. The day the spirit of iron gets upset there is always chaos in the world. The prayers dedicated toOrisha oggun, deity of iron and symbol of physical strength, struggle and war, are very important in the practice of the rule of Osha and Ifa when invoking their presence. Today, in my prayers I will give you my respect. Ash. My clients tend to be ambitious people from all walks of life. Ogun Onile, praised spirit of work, owner of the land and unexplored lands, today I raise a prayer in your name, every day of my life I thank you for all the blessings and favors you have given me, I acknowledge your presence in my struggles both physical and spiritual. Yoruba prayer for protection OLORUN OBA OLUTOJU will take good care of you; AFINILOKANBALE will give you rest of mind; AKENI will nourish you; ADOJUTOTA will put your enemies to shame; ALAKOSO IJI will silence all storms in your life; ALANU will continue to have mercy on you; OLULANA will continue to pave way for you; If you are seeking for powerful prayer for blessing, this yoruba prayer will offer you effective results. I offer prayer and protection by way of the Divine Creator for those ancestral souls that are in darkness, forgotten, or lost. He puts his foot on top of another. Similarly, when we get hot headed as individuals or loose our cool, we dont think clearly, we allow emotional challenges to take over such as anxiety, anger, frustration, self-doubt, etc. gn Alr onir ni je aj. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us. Emu l y mu nibe. Elegua, I am certain that nothing is impossible for you, therefore, today I implore you to take me by the hand and walk by my side, multiply all the coins you can obtain one by one until you achieve good fortune. My father Oggun, owner of all the weapons and tools existing and to be found, protect me and cover me in the war in which they attack me. The spirit of iron, head of Allah, the owner of good fortune eats dog. Perhaps not immediately though. Originally from the Yoruba people of Nigeria and Benin, his . It is this prayer to ask the goddess for help. Please Ogun bless us always. And I forgive those ancestors whose past sins Ive had to suffer as a result of their own naivety, ignorance and inferior habits and traits. In addition, through the prayers of praise we appease the revolutionary nature of Elegua and keep its energy in our favor, or simply, without disturbance. And so it was spoken and so it will be! I offer forgiveness to the ancestral souls that want to repent, sincerely, for the error of their ways in both realms of life and death. (add anything else you want to be protected from), I pray that for long life, good physical, spiritual and mental health I pray for a cool head and coolness in the world I pray for fortitude I pray for resiliency I pray for clarity I pray for courage I pray for a self-love, I pray for. O lomi nil feje we olao nie fi. The leafiness of the palm is the cloth of Ogn Alr, head of Alr. We are a people with many needs, but also many blessings. Ochosi or Oshosi is a deity of Yoruba and Santeria religion and esoteric system respectively. OLORUN OBA OLUTOJUwill take good care of you; AFINILOKANBALEwill give you rest of mind; ADOJUTOTAwill put your enemies to shame; ALAKOSO IJIwill silence all storms in your life; ALANUwill continue to have mercy on you; OLULANAwill continue to pave way for you; ALASEPEwill perfect his work in your life; ADARIJINIwill forgive all your iniquities; ADUROTINIwill always be by your side and at any moment; AGBENIGAwill lift you up in all your endeavors; APANILERINwill always fill your mouth with laughter and joy; We come to you for protection and guidance. There will be no enemy that can attack me, because Elegua has to confuse my opponents and they have to lose themselves in their own paths of betrayal and evil. I come to implore you so that my path enters the paths of love. Ensure the water is room temperature or cold (do not use hot water) Dip your index finger into the water and drop a few drops of water onto the ground while chant the first phrase below May the earth be cool. A timely prayer for such circumstances is as follows: I invoke the spirit of the Divine messenger. Short prayer in Yoruba language to EleguaEleggua, Eshu Alaguana, Nikokoribilla, Bara Tenton, Maniko Maniko Endolo, Iku Yeledde, Barakillel, Eshu Afra. You Oggun, great Orisa and swift warrior who passes directly to the enemys line of attack, be today my shelter and protection from everything that haunts me and everything that cannot free me. Prayer for work This is a popular prayer to Ogun for finding a job or for making more money: Ogun bless me with fortune To do more than I was destined For the good of myself and others Ogun provide me with opportunity To multiply and grow For the benefit of all Amen 2. Required fields are marked with *. At your feet I place my enemies (name the opponents) known or unknown, male or female. But not just any love, but one that is chaste, a true love. This Prayer is focused on finding a partner: You, whom the other Orishas look at with admiration. Oggun kobu kobu, oggun shibiriki, oggun kuddakue, oke alaguede . With this Prayer, I invoke the presence of the great father Oggn, whose long hands can save children from the abyss. Ashe. I am confident that there is no setback that you cannot win. I conduct summoning rituals for clients -, To learn more about practical magick, get my latest book "The Psy-Mage Compendium" on Amazon:, Many celebrities have taken up transcendental meditation (TM) and swear that its transformed their lives. Your email address will not be published. sapata smo olmo lnu. Angeli ibukun mi, Angeli ire mi, Angeli idande mi, han laye mi, ni oruko Jesu. May my days be filled with joy and laughter. Your email address will not be published. So that we may guide our people in the path of righteousness. btn heh. Join the insecure feet of a baby. A k okolko gbru-gbru. Only you are capable of giving me the necessary success with respect to love. The leafiness of the palm is the cloth of Ogn Alr, head of Alr. If Elegua is pleased with the attention received, prosperity and improvement will be remarkable. Tickle the drum with your toe. We ask for your blessings on our journey. But essentially, these are the prayers that are raised to you: We pray to the deity to show us the best way to follow and guide us, making our way through those paths that we have to take, so that we are out of any danger and free from threat. We ask that you continue to bless us by bringing us good health, and prosperity in all areas of our lives. Here is a prayer with which we can request the intervention of the Orisha in financial matters: I invoke and greet the spirit of the roads, Elegbara. We pray to Elegu with powerful prayers for a wide variety of problems, since it is the Orisha who has the keys to the doors and who can open the paths for us. The spirit of iron, head of Onr, murders on the right. I have always trusted you and I know that you will never fail me, Amen, Your email address will not be published. This is the moment, in which we go to the foot of Elegua to ask it to open the paths for us, and to be able to achieve that development or that opportunity to be able to progress and improve our luck and quality of life. With you, I start my day, and with you, I finish. misconfiguration and was unable to complete This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, Bible Verses About Trusting God In Difficult Times Kjv, -. This is my morning meditation routine that Ive developed over a number of years of trial-and-error. Her spirituality lives in all the minerals, in the bush, and the mountains. You can accompany these prayers with an offering or adimu, we recommend that you place three fried fish with corojo butter and honey. Despite this, you can dedicate a wide range of requests to it, as its power extends to a wide spectrum. Bless all workers on the earthly and spiritual plane. The foreman, the creator of metal tools, works non-stop on the hill. PRAYERS TO THE ORISHAS Introduction Who owns your head? I need your majestic hand, Elegu, so that you illuminate my paths, and do not find in them any bad vibes or bad influence that could harm my path to success. Obtain a deeper knowledge of magic with my latest book The Psy-Mage Compendium. Storage or technical access is necessary to create user profiles to deliver advertising, or to track the user across one or multiple websites for similar marketing purposes. Use a small bowl and put half a cup of water in it. You can approach the deity in its natural temple, its waters, so you can visit the beach, or go near the seas or oceans, as they constitute the temple of Yemay. O My God, I adore Thee and I love Thee with all my heart. The mystery of the spirit of iron. gn Onr a wn l yin oj. Keep me safe and away from all danger, always behind your iron shield, full of health, life and firmness for good. The following prayer is one to our beautiful and powerful Orisha, Elegua. Both in an altar that we have at home and in the coastal area, we must remember to bring the deity fruits, offerings, flowers or candles, which accompany us while we pray. Prayer of Elegua to dominate a personFor love there are different prayers and prayers with different purposes, there are those who ask to be able to find love, but there are also those who for some reason want to dominate that person they love, in that case we can ask Elegua to give us the blessing for that mooring , control or loving domain for that man or woman that we have not been able to conquer. He has water at home but prefers to bathe in blood. Awon angeli rere, fi ibukun bo aye mi, ni oruko Jesu. As. Ogun nourish my hungry soul Oggun is an Orisha who is always willing to provide help to his children and followers, through his prayers we can request his help in the following situations: Due to the strong and violent nature of Ogun, it is a Deity to whom we must pray very clearly in our prayers, explaining our requests with precision and definition, and of course, with a pure heart and charged with faith, in that way we will obtain the answer to our prayer. This day has been long in coming, and I ask for your blessing on my life. Much like the Catholic saints, the Yoruba orishas work as the intermediaries between man and the supreme creator, and the rest of the divine world. Many descendants of African enslaved people were often beaten into religious conversion and forced to abandon the practice of openly venerating Ancestral spirits (i.e. Required fields are marked *. Thank you for hearing our prayers and loving us as we love ourselves. Required fields are marked with *. O pa sile pa soko. Readers will also find plenty of valuable book reviews and courses which may prove to be helpful for obtaining greater knowledge. Of course, meditation while moving is slightly different because you have to pay attention to your surroundings. The spirit of iron, head of Allah, the owner of good fortune eats dog. Sometimes my clients are also not comfortable dealing with the spiritual world on their own or lack the necessary items and solitude to even conduct these rituals. I implore you to open the door of love for me and that of (mentioning your beloved) leads my steps together with that person's. Only your devotees count on your blessing, and with it there is no evil in this land that triumphs. May you never lack the strength and sustenance so that you can get ahead. The parent/child connection manifests as one link in a long chain of ancestral karma that stretches back through time. I am very grateful to you for always listening to my greatest wishes. (add anything else you pray for including people). But, Oguns greatest ability is that he is an Orisha who never stops working, this and all his attributes are more than enough reasons to raise a prayer on his behalf and ask for his beneficial intervention in the matters that correspond to him, and so get your help. He is powerful to keep us and our families. May my wife stay beautiful and strong, and may we remain together until death parts us. Odu Ifa is the most well known divination system that was developed in Nigeria. (Amin meje). Amen. I praise the spirit of iron. Deliver us from death, disease, evildoers, traitors, falsehoods, war and failures, as only you know how to do it. Forever your blessing accompanies me. Required fields are marked *. what is the fundamental philosophy of the sociological school? Emi yoo ni igbega ti ko wp. 4. . Father of mysteries, bring me good fortune always working in my favor and positively authorize all my offerings. He who praises the immortal spirits and does not praise the spirit of iron is feeding his own bad omen, I am sure of it. In everything related to labor issues, to get a job or keep it. Elegua is the magnificent king who lives in the house of Ketu. Amen, Your email address will not be published. The concept of coolness is integral to the delicate balance of our planet, the rise of 1 to 2 degrees in temperature of the worlds ocean that hold 95% of the earths water has been catastrophic thus far (hurricanes, tsunamis, melting ice caps). He kills in the house and he kills on the farm. Are you from Yoruba Tribe , May these Native language prayer bring miracles , 15 Powerful Prayer Points In Yoruba Language is for everybody. Click below to accept the above or make more detailed choices. To the one who has the keys to all the doors and is in charge of guarding the different roads that we may encounter, we implore his blessings. Part 6, Yoruba Emergency Survival Phrases. The prayers dedicated toOrisha oggun, deity of iron and symbol of physical strength, struggle and war, are very important in the practice of the rule of Osha and Ifa when invoking their presence. In some cultures you cannot be considered an, Read More Ancestral Reverence What Is It?Continue. Guide my steps and provide me with your infinite strength, health and abilities so that I can cross all the doors that arise. I invoke the spirit of iron, the spirit of the swift warrior who goes without fear of the attack of the enemies. You are the one who has ravaged other peoples farms. We must go to her with sincere intentions and always speak to her with respect and affection. Olorun, the great and merciful God, who created the Heavens and the Earth, who is the creator of all things visible and invisible, who gave us life and breath and sent us into this world to do his will. I pray to his spirit that there is no one who can harm me. With humble respect, I ask for you blessings and ask you to allow all good opportunities to reach me and to help me take advantage of all the great possibilities that life presents to me today and every day. This religion is widely practiced in modern-day Nigeria, Benin, and Togo, and it has also influenced several derived faiths in the Americas and the Caribbean. Let someone else not be confused. May my children be healthy and strong, and may they grow up to be good people who make their parents proud. I ask you, prince, to watch my way in love. You are the spirit that blesses me today and always in abundance. Protection comes from God, the one who made heaven and earth. Elegua, powerful saint, orient my head so that I connect in the right direction towards my destiny and so I can live on this Earth all the triumphs that I have come to seek. Tireless messenger who watches over the sacrifices made by the living and the dead. Look at the offerings, and look at the offerings. Olorun dide, gba ogun aye mi lowo loruko Jesu. Today I am before you to ask for your help, I need your power over my enemies. Thanks to your great source of light that you maintain. I know that your love is strong and fills me with courage to continue, but sometimes the vicissitudes of life are confusing, although I am sure that I always have to count on you, be my guide and open my ways to reach my destiny (make request ). He shares his knowledge of If with whoever is seeking to find their truth in life. The spirit of iron, head of Onr whose eyeballs are terrible to look at. Prayer to Elegua for Love:prayer to elegua for loveThe Ifa sign Iroso Di says: In the realm of love, some love and others are loved; Happiness is being able to be both. Osin imol, Onl kangun kangun de run. Powerful patroness of femininity and desire; Listen, great Yemaya, my prayers and allow the seed of life to germinate in my womb; Implant fertility in my soul and give me that sacred power to give life, oh mighty sovereign of the seas.

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